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  1. Thanks nuetron for your reply. There seems to be a problem with the PCB tracks. Two tracks leading to jtag were shorted. Now it's working just fine.
  2. Thanks zeke for your reply. Yes, the PCB's supply is working and the voltage levels on the jtag pins were same as the corresponding pins on the target board(TS430PM64) except that pin 2 had Vcc and pin 4 was Gnd on the target board and the reverse on the PCB which was as expected. Are you sure about this? I ask this because the notations and arrow indications on that page suggest the reverse. Pin 2's notation (Vcc TOOL) and the arrow suggest to me that the debugging tool(MSP-FET430UIF) will power the msp for programming it and pin 4(Vcc Target) suggests that the the target's(PCB
  3. I and a few friends of mine are working on a project for which we were required to design a PCB. We designed it and made provisions for in-circuit programming using jtag as described inSLAU278F (MSP430 HARDWARE USER GUIDE) , page 25. The only changes we made were: 1> We connected pin 4 of JTAG to Vcc pin on our PCB.(This was as required by Note A in SLAU278F page 25). 2> We left pin 2 unconnected(Note A again). While trying to load a program from CCS to the MSP on the PCB, we encounter an error saying that either the device is not recognized or not supported. We use the M
  4. Thank you. I would also like to know if I may need a capacitor arrangement for an 8MHz crystal that I will be connecting through XT2IN and XT2OUT pins from which I would source the MCLK, the clock that drives the basic operations of the msp. Should I use external capacitors? If yes, how do I calculate it?
  5. I am new to microcontroller projects and am planning to use a msp430F149 in my project. I have a 32.5KHz crystal with Cl=12.5pF. I need to use this crystal to generate a baud rate of 9600 for serial communication. I understand that I will need to connect this crystal through the XIN and XOUT pins, but am not aware of the requirement of external capacitors. Do I need any? If yes, how must I calculate it? Please enlighten me on this.
  6. Hi, I am a beginner and would like to know if the I/O pin voltages on MSP430 are sufficient to set logic High and logic low on a 5V LCD. I/O pin output voltage seems to be around 3.05V for logic 1 when I observed it. Is that sufficeint?
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