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    Jamesgrr got a reaction from RobMaker in MSP430FR2433 SleepSeconds 18ua   
    Yes this is the conclusion I have come too. I believe Energia'  implementation of the Watchdog here is what causes the higher usage. It is very impressive that it manages to get even close. I think it is abit misleading to call SleepSeconds() true LPM3 though. 

    It would be great to see some other implementation though; as the MSP430 is capable of sub 1ua sleep. 
    Perhaps I will experiment with a library in the future to make this possible. 
    Thanks for your response. 
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    Jamesgrr reacted to jcR in Using FRAM above 0x00010000   
    "support has been added in Energia for the MSP430FR5994"   but Serial1 is not working, and  and even more unfortunate, the available I / O still does not support interrupt handling.
    I mentioned these problems since May 2018, Energia1.8.7E20 is available and the same problems are still unresolved.
    It is difficult to try to work with a chip that is very poorly supported by the ENERGIA teams.
    Sorry for this reminder, but please try to do something!
    I develloped a  simple Lora gateway (Wifi+GSM/GPRS) from this launchpad and the results are good despite these difficulties of programming!!
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