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  1. Hi everyone, my proyect its working! 

    I followed steps of this link:


    but in addition to replacing the files in the directory mentioned in the link above, I have to remplace the files in the energia1610E181\hardware\energia\msp430\libraries\Wire\utility

    The files are available in the link.


  2. Hi everyone 

    I am beginner and I want to use the adxl345 with msp430g2553 with I2C, but the example that I am using don´t working, always send 0 in the axes x,y and z. I use energia 1.6.10e18, the circuit have the pull'up resistor in SDA and SCL pines, and I remove the jumper of the green led. I used the same code but with arduino and it working but with enegia not, help me please.

    My launchpad is MSP-EXP430G2  rev 1.5

    The SCL is connected in pin 14 and the SDA in pin 15.

    My OS is windows 7

    When i put this function "Wire.setModule(0)" the mcu does make nothing, the uart don´t send nothing.


    The code is the follow:

    #include <Wire.h>

    void setup()


      writeTo(DATA_FORMAT, 0x01);                                                                   //Put the ADXL345 into +/- 4G range by writing the value 0x01 to the DATA_FORMAT register.
      writeTo(POWER_CTL, 0x08);                                                                       //Put the ADXL345 into Measurement Mode by writing 0x08 to the POWER_CTL register.


    void loop()
      uint8_t howManyBytesToRead = 6;
      readFrom( DATAX0, howManyBytesToRead, _buff);                                 //read the acceleration data from the ADXL345

      int X = (((int)_buff[1]) << 😎 | _buff[0];   
      int Y = (((int)_buff[3]) << 😎 | _buff[2];
      int Z = (((int)_buff[5]) << 😎 | _buff[4];

      Serial.print("x: ");
      Serial.print( X );
      Serial.print(" y: ");
      Serial.print( Y );

    void writeTo(byte address, byte val) {
      Wire.beginTransmission(DEVICE);                                        // start transmission to device 
      Wire.write(address);                                                                // send register address
      Wire.write(val);                                                                         // send value to write
      Wire.endTransmission();                                                       // end transmission

    void readFrom(byte address, int num, byte _buff[]) {
      Wire.beginTransmission(DEVICE);                                      // start transmission to device 
      Wire.write(address);                                                              // sends address to read from
      Wire.endTransmission();                                                      // end transmission
      Wire.beginTransmission(DEVICE); // start transmission to device
      Wire.requestFrom(DEVICE, num);    // request 6 bytes from device

      int i = 0;
      while(Wire.available())         // device may send less than requested (abnormal)
      {   digitalWrite(RED_LED,HIGH); 

        _buff = Wire.read();    // receive a byte
      Wire.endTransmission();         // end transmission

  3. Hi Marlers,

    I am a very new in this topic and I have the same trouble :

    msp430-g++: error: <name>\AppData\Local\Energia15\packages\energia\tools\msp430-gcc\4.6.5/include: No such file or directory

    but i don't know how changue the name of the user folder D:

    How resolve it? do you change the name of the folder? o move the forder of energia? 


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