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  1. Hai, try this code in CC3220SF internal Watchdog timer program, its working Fine #include <inc/hw_types.h> #include <inc/hw_ints.h> #include <inc/hw_memmap.h> #include <driverlib/prcm.h> #include <driverlib/wdt.h> #include <driverlib/rom.h> #include <driverlib/rom_map.h> #include <driverlib/interrupt.h> int Cycles; #define WD_PERIOD_MS 1000 #define MAP_SysCtlClockGet 80000000 #define MILLISECONDS_TO_TICKS(ms) ((MAP_SysCtlClockGet / 1000) * (ms)) void setup() { Serial.be
  2. Dear kannan, try this code it's working fine with cc3220sf, this code reset your device when Cycles increase greater than 10, #include <stdio.h> #include <stdint.h> #include <inc/hw_types.h> #include <inc/hw_ints.h> #include <inc/hw_memmap.h> #include <driverlib/prcm.h> #include <driverlib/wdt.h> #include <driverlib/rom.h> #include <driverlib/rom_map.h> #include <driverlib/interrupt.h> volatile unsigned long Cycles; #define WD_PERIOD_MS 1000 #define MAP_SysCtlClockGet
  3. hai all, i will working to CC3220SF launchpad i will try to interface at Load cell using Hx711 Amplifier i have some error will be occur , how to resolve this issue any one work hx711 at CC3220SF or Any launchpad Please Share the Library file. and One Wire Digital Temperature Sensor - DS18B20 working source code Thanks Selva
  4. hai, am working energia at CC3220SF i need to Muti UART Communication , need to Software Serial header File GPIO or Digital Pin it possible to connect UART communication any other Example for Multiuart code at CC3220SF or CC3200 how many UART is possible to connect at CC3220SF THANKS SELVA
  5. hai, am working with Energia Tiva C Series TM4C123G i need to MQTT library for quectel MC60 or MC10 how to communicate the Tiva C to Quectel MC60 MQTT library Please send the MQTT Library support to Quectel
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