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  1. The open-source RTOS called "NUFR" has been ported to the MSP430/MSP430X CPUs. NUFR is a full featured RTOS--not just a simple scheduler. Features: MSP430 and MSP430X 16- and 20-bit models Make system included; all free/open-source tools Prioritized & Preemptive multitasking; Round-Robin multitasking; context switching from interrupt handlers Low-power extensions: tickless OS; special logic for low power mode RNET IPv4/IPv6/UDP stack runs on NUFR Message-based, event-driven Example project for Launchpad board Small RAM footprint: OS itself co
  2. The port has been published. Included is a prototype project called "Simple Project", which will run on a Launchpad. Features: o Full-featured RTOS--not just a scheduler. Preemptive multitasking; Round-Robin multitasking; context switch from interrupt handlers. o Both 16- and 20-bit models supported o Port done for latest GCC compiler (Somnium, successor to Red Hat) o Simple make included. Notes for installation of compiler and support packages on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Instructions to connect to Launchpad device over GDB. o Low-power strategy in place: Tickless-OS; power s
  3. Been busy on this port. I'll tell you, the 430 does not like hosting RTOS's. Current plans (subject to change) are to do a 16-bit port first, then the 20-bit. Plan is to make a tickless OS, to save battery life. Will stick an LPM call in NUFR's Background (BG) task--user-tweakable--so when the tasks have nothing to do, it gets called seamlessly. Port will compile on linux using latest 430 gcc from TI site. Should be able to port to another compiler. Inline assembler is the biggest delta on another compiler. Bare-minimum bringup/BSP will be supplied, will be easy to tweak or replace with o
  4. I created an open-source RTOS called "NUFR" and I'm wanting to port it to the MSP430. So, first I'm advertising NUFR and second I'm soliciting advice for the port. NUFR is a small but nevertheless full-featured RTOS. It is ideal for the 430, that's why I'm porting it there. It already runs on the Cortex M's. Here's some approximate resource consumption numbers on the M3 /M4: - the NUFR kernel and services layers consume around 4-6k of flash. Basically, that's all the features turned on. - RAM consumption: Around 300 bytes of kernel and messaging overhead; Add for each task: TCB
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