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  1. Hey guys,

    I´m using a stepper motor in half step mode. In half step my motor has 400 steps. I wanna make it move one step at time with short pauses between each movement (2,5s). Also, after it completes the 400 steps it should start moving on the opposite direction. I´m using the library stepper.h but I´m having some doubts about it, this is my code at the moment:


    #include <Stepper.h>

    int x = 1; // step
    int z = 0;
    int w = -1;

    const int stepsPerRevolution = 400; // number of steps in half step mode
    Stepper myStepper(stepsPerRevolution, 8,9,10,11);

    void setup() {
      myStepper.setSpeed(60); // 60 rpm

    void loop() {
        delay(2500); // pause between each step 2,5s
        if(x==stepsPerRevolution) z=1; // when 400 steps then move in the opposite direction
          if(w==-stepsPerRevolution) z=0 && x=1;

    I don´t know if it is configure correctly. Should I use stepsPerRevolution = 200 (number of steps in full step mode) with x increasing in 0.5 by time? Also, can I use myStepper.step that way?  Thank you!


    3 hours ago, mgh said:

    I don't know that any of these ideas will help, it's just what I looked at when I tried to see what the problem might be.

    When you first start the Boards Manager, do you see the message "Downloading platforms index..."?  It gets the small file http://www.energia.nu/pacakges/package_index.json .  If you can see that, then it's talking to the package server OK. I've got a slow dial-up connection, so it sits there long enough for me to read it (and wait a little, too!). If you have a fast connection then it might blip past in an instant.

    It's interesting that it wants to get a 1.0.2 release, when there's a 1.0.3 release up on the site.

    Have you made any changes in Preferences / Network? If so, could they be blocking something?

    Solved it changing the proxy configs. Working normally now, thanks!

  3. Hey guys,

    I´m using TM4C123G but I can´t configure Energia. When I go in board management and try downloading Energai TivaC Boards it fails and an error messaging appears saying "error during download..."

    Anyone knows how can I sovle it?




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