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  1. Thanks for your answer but I'm sure that is the same file. From there: https://perso.esiee.fr/~poulichp/Energia/Energia.html at the bottom Patrick
  2. Dear Rei Vilo, thanks for your answer. I didn't reply because I didn't see the answer. So I succeed to download an image in the kentec K35. But I have a problem with some computers: with the computer in my office, it works fine but with some computers from another labs, there is a problem of quality of the image. On the following first image, the quality is good. The following image have some white lines between each pixel and the color are not respected. It's the same code that is used in the two cases. Do you have an idea of the problem ?
  3. Hi Thanks for your answer. This is the link: software-dl.ti.com/msp430/msp430_public_sw/mcu/msp430/Graphics_Library/latest/index_FDS.html Before to post the previous mail, I used the example but I can't solve my problem. Regards, Patrick
  4. Dear All, I want to import an image on the display kentec 3.5". I used the same process than from the link below: http://software-dl.ti.com/msp430/msp430_public_sw/mcu/msp430/Graphics_Library/latest/index_FDS.html and the library grlib_3_21_00_00.zip\examples\MSP-EXP432P401R_GrlibExample\images TI_logo_150x150. To import an image, we need a file .ino used with Energia and a file.h that is obtained with an image.bmp convert to a file constitute with some byte of 16 bits. To generate the file .h, I used the software GIMP in order to reduce the size of the image.bmp
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