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  1. Hi, Is there anyway I can convert specific Arduino Libraries to Energia? I am using lora.h github library in Arduino, but now I want to use it on Energia. How can I modify this library to support my msp430g2553 device on Energia? Thank you.
  2. Usama

    MSP430 GPS

    SOLVED! When I reduced the code size by removing unwanted functions (memory usage reduced to 48%) and when I took it very close to a window, it worked perfectly!
  3. Hi, When doing offset calibration for pH sensor in Arduino we bring pH 7 to 2.5V as Arduino analog output is 5V. Does that mean when the same is done with msp430g2553 the voltage be adjusted to 1.5V as msp430g2553 analog pins output around 3V only? When I tried adjusting the pot I could only bring it to a minimum of 2.5V with msp430. Does anyone know why? Thanks.
  4. Usama

    MSP430 GPS

    Yes, it is configured for Hardware Serial. As a matter of fact the code I used can be found here: http://www.electronicwings.com/ti-launchpad/gps-module-interfacing-with-msp-exp430g2-ti-launchpad Unfortunately, I am not getting any output on the Serial Monitor, even when I interfaced with an LCD I don't see any GPS data.
  5. Usama

    MSP430 GPS

    Hi, Is there any GPS library for energia that supports MSP430g2553? TinyGPS++ doesn't seem to work. Please help. Thank you.
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