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  1. EK_TM4C1294XL EMT analog write does not work too while non EMT analog write works well :S
  2. Hello, I am playing around with msp432e401y launchpad in Energia and in my case analogWrite() does not work. I am not confident what this behavior is not related to my system, so I would like to get confirmation from other forum members. Thanks
  3. My current workaround is to write energia sketch in CCS and upload using UniFlash. Basic stuff seams to work.
  4. Hello, I am trying to use MSP-EXP432E401Y with energia on W10. So far no luck. At the moment, energia compiles but I get the following error: "Connecting... error: CORTEX_M4_0: Error connecting to the target: Frequency is out of range." Is there a way to patch this error? Or should I dive into CCS... Thanks in advance
  5. Hello, I could not find complete answer so posting this question. Is it possible to use MSP432 hardware serial (2..3) in Energia? Is there any specific reason it is not implemented or special syntax has to be used? Thanks in advance
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