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  1. It's connected to a USB 2.0. Unfortunately my Laptop does not have a USB 3.0 port. I tried connecting the MSP432 to my raspberry Pi, and it was detected just fine. So, this seems to be a my computer specific problem. Node MCU MSP432 I did notice an interesting change in the location between my NodeMCU that is working to the MSP432. Same cable and same USB port.
  2. I uninstalled the drivers. Deleted them. Redownload Ed the drivers, extracted as before, right clicked and ran as administrator. A yellow box popped up to confirm the installation. No permission errors similar to before. However, I'm still getting the same greyed out port menu. I also tried the same method, but with restarting the computer before opening energia. Still the same result. I think it has something to do with the COM number being assigned. When I plug in the MSP432 the device is recognized, and under (COM & LPT) the right driver is shown. The only thing that is missing is the (
  3. This is currently what mine looks like with or without the device connected. I got the drivers from energia.nu : Guide ->Windows->MSP432 tab -> instruction #2 I extracted the driver into a folder that I placed the energia program software in, and then ran the 64bit .exe file. I then started the Energia IDE. Upon noticing that the Port was still grayed out I tried restarting my computer. The Port option was still grayed out. I've also tried going to the advanced option under port settings and assigning the port number, but this crashes the Device manager for some reason.
  4. (Don't do this for the reason stated in the following post) Original: Try connecting Pin1 to a 5V supply.
  5. Hi, I just got the MSP432 and am really excited to start working with this board. I'm running Windows 10 on an ACER Aspire 64 bit machine. Unfortunately when I go to upload a program using Energia the port menu is grayed out. I used to have this problem with the arduino on the arduino IDE until I downloaded the FTDI drivers from: http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm The following picture shows the IDE as I see it now: I followed the instructions for installing the XDS110 drivers according to the windows install guide for the MSP432. Checking the device manager I se
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