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  1. MQTT should be easy to get running on the TivaC Launchpad, I managed to get it running on the MBED http://bit.ly/1aZvMjv so the codebase should require very little change. https://mbed.org/users/mctouch/code/MQTTTEST/
  2. In case anybody is having trouble with changing the solder jumpers to switch the board to support the g2553. SJ4 -> change to VDD (pulls BS0 high for 4 wire SPI) SJ3 -> change to P1.7 (moves SDIN to USCI SIMO) SJ6 -> change to P2.2 (moves D/C to GPIO) this should help...
  3. I don't know whether you have seen this but Markus Gritsch did Frame Buffer for Arduino for the SSD1308. There seems to be some inline Assembler in his driver, it is very very fast. The C source is attached in the link. http://dangerousprototypes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=2609
  4. Wow, thanks, that worked.... I now have an MSP430 Businesscard , never saw an image converter in the F5529 User Experience package, I will have a dig around unless your altered source is available for download. I would like to have a go at porting the 'Fly and Shoot' demo in the QP State-Machine library, its for ARM-3 Cortext but QP-Nano supports MSP430. Turn the OLED Booster Pack into a 'Shootem up Shield'. http://www.state-machine.com/doxygen/qpc/lets_play.html http://www.state-machine.com/qp/index.php Thanks gwdeveloper
  5. I am using the new USCI framework on a G2553 and all is working fine after I moved the solder jumpers to the new pin allocations. Thanks gwdeveloper, this is amazing My only issue is I don't quite understand what I need to do to create the graphics. I am using LCD Assistant to generate the bitmap from the original source 128x64 mono color file. I exported with Vertical Byte Orientation and Big Endianness at 8 pixels per byte and included the size in the output. http://pastie.org/3379995 It should look like this http://pic.twitter.com/cTx112UV but has converted to Kanji http://pic
  6. It works on the tssop package http://pic.twitter.com/dSpOJjfK . Now to try some animation... :thumbup:
  7. It worked when I removed the crystal. Don't really know why but it worked.. Still trying to get it to work with the TSSOP package msp4302452. Thx
  8. Yes as per the video for each of the OLED booster packs. I will wire it up to my male header launchpads that don't have a crystal tonight but I doubt that is the issue. I have an MSP-TS430PW28A with a tssop based msp4302452 so I will jumper the OLED screens to that as well.
  9. Hi, Having trouble getting anything to display on the screen. I installed the msp2452 from my capacitive touch booster pack in my launchpad and ran the Rev R01_02 code on it. It runs in the debugger an I can see it setting the USI stuff. I do have the crystal installed but it looks like it uses the DCO. There are 4 warnings on compile like that the project was setup for the 3.3.2 compiler and I am using 4.0.0 but this shouldn't be an issue. Other warnings are, Possible assignment in condition 'c = *format++', Statement has no effect '*s++' and Unused eclaration of variable 'column'. I have two
  10. Google UG-2864HSWEG01, I believe it is the same as the one used in the Adafruit SSD1306 breakout.
  11. Have the new OLED Booster Packs been released in the store? I have been checking daily but it says no stock. Thanks
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