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  1. I am trying to establish SoftwareSerial Communication between 2 msp430g2553 units. I have connected them as follows: GND to GND, RX to TX and vice versa. MSP1: P1_5, P1_7 //Rx,Tx MSP2: P1_5, P1_7//Rx, Tx , I hope the connection is all right. Now, I want to send a byte from one mcu to the other for which I write the following code: Send function: void sendrequest(){ byte option = 1; mySerial.write(option); delay(2); return; } void loop() { // put your main code here, to run repeatedly: if(mySerial.available()>0){ checkiffalsesignal(); delay(10000);
  2. I bet, there are some serious issues with Energia 18. The library by Rob Tillaart works just fine on Energia 12. No problems whatsoever. I am finding it difficult to make I2C devices work on Energia 18 as well. Need to try out with Energia 12 afresh. Thanks for all the support, though!
  3. Already checked those, mentioned everything clearly at the top of my previous post. That is why, I posted the code.
  4. I had a HDC1080 EVM. I read that the back end of the evm can be broken off from the perforation and used as a standalone sensor on a micro-controller. I tried to interface it with the MSP430G2553. I have done the following with no avail: 1) the jumper on P1.6 has been removed(no interference of led with SCL line) 2) I have tried using pullup resistors on both the SCL and SDA lines. I have tried out with the standard 4.7k resistors and also with 10k resistors. 3) I always get a temperature value of -40 degree C and humidity of 0%, which means that the MSP is not able to
  5. Got it from the schematic, exactly what I had thought! Thanks!
  6. I am trying to implement the msp430g2553 on a breadboard. Where should I add the reset button. I am not sure, but I think it should be added between reset pin and ground. BTW, I have the msp430 working on the breadboard, 47k between RST and Vcc and 1 nF between RST and GND. Where to add the pushbutton? The pushbutton is really handy for resetting
  7. I am using the library that @energia suggested. Do you have any idea what the changes might be if we use the other library by Rob Tillaart?
  8. Is it necessary to have the external oscillator installed? I can't think of anything else that can go wrong. I am facing similar issues with my HDC1080 as well. The I2C protocol just wont work, no matter what. I am unable to interface any temperature and humidty sensor with the MSp430. What a pity!
  9. Energia MSP430 Boards by Energia 1.0.3 - This is what appears to be installed. The sensor is bare with 4 pins coming out of the casing. It is not a breakout board. I am sure, there is signal on signal pin because the same sensor works on Arduino with the same library.
  10. Sorry, it does not seem to work. Could you provide the connection diagram? Currently, I am connecting pin1 to 3.3V, pin2 to P1_0(jumper removed), pin4 to GND. 10k resistor between pin2 and Vcc. Anything else? Launchpad is MSP-EXP430G2553 Rev 1.5. Energia version 1.6.10E18- Windows 7.
  11. I have been trying to interface DHT11 sensor with MSP430G2553. But I always end up getting a checksum error. I have attched the code and the library I am using. My sensor is the normal one with 4 pins coming out of it. I connect pin1 to Vcc(3.3V), pin2 to data pin(P1_3) and pin4 to GND. Please help. #include <dht.h> dht DHT; #define DHT11_PIN 5 void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println("DHT TEST PROGRAM "); Serial.print("LIBRARY VERSION: "); Serial.println(DHT_LIB_VERSION); Serial.println(); Serial.println("Type,\tstatus,\tHumidity (%),\tTemperature (C)"); }
  12. I used the Adafruit library you provided the link to. NAN is not defined in Energia. So, I defined NAN in the DHT.cpp file with 1e+30. Still does not seem to be working correctly. Here's the output I am receiving. Look at the image enclosed. By the way, I wired up the Vcc and GND pins (pin1 and pin4 ) respectively to 3.3V and GND pins of MSP and Data pin(pin2) to P1_4 through 10k resistor. @Rei Vilo, I do not have access to a DHT12 right now. I have to get this DHT11 to work. 930x213_B-1.pdf
  13. I want to interface a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor with my MSP430G2553. I looked up the Energia list of libraries, but the link for DHT11 is currently inactive. I tried downloading libraries from github, even ported over libraries from arduino, but none of them are working. I either get timeout errors or nothing gets printed on serial monitor at all. I know for sure that my sensor is perfectly fine because I have tested it for multiple libraries on Arduino. Please provide me the link for a valid DHT11 Energia library or help me out otherwise.
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