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  1. That works! Thank you. So the secret is this sl_WlanConnect function? This wiki says that the function "connects to a wlan network as a station." What is a station?
  2. Yes my code reflects the true WiFi credentials. As I said, the code works 100% on my cc3200 launchpad, and logon works the FIRST time on the CC3100. My only issue is upon reconnect with CC3100.
  3. I am unable to reconnect to my WPA wifi access point after disconnecting. Using the code posted in the link: Problem in Reconnecting with CC3200 I was able to successfully run the code with a Launchpad CC3200 device I was NOT able to run the code with a Launchpad MSP430F5529 and CC3100 Boosterpack When I use this setup, I connect the first time, disconnect, and fail to reconnect. My serial screen outputs the following: Attempting to connect to Network named: MXET .......................................... You're connected to the network Waiti
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