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  1. I was needed to do exactly same thing in my recent project and i lost so much time trying to fix this. I'll help you so you don't have to live through same thing : ) First = > You should remove all the lines after "SysCtlReset" line. Because after that line it'll jump to Setup() function and pause there. You should press "continue debugging" button to continue. If you are not debugging, it'll jump to setup() function and continue from there. You can ask me if you have any other question.
  2. After sometime my "TM4C129EXL" card's ethernet server stops responding to clients. When i pause debugger in CCS, i found out that in "Tcp.c" file "tcp_slowtmr" function there is an infinity loop. Whole function => /** * Called every 500 ms and implements the retransmission timer and the timer that * removes PCBs that have been in TIME-WAIT for enough time. It also increments * various timers such as the inactivity timer in each PCB. * * Automatically called from tcp_tmr(). */ void tcp_slowtmr(void) { struct tcp_pcb *pcb, *prev; u16_t eff_wnd; u8_t pcb_remove; /* f
  3. How can i edit ethernetserver library for : In Do:accept function, if there is no free clients, i want to disconnect all clients and accept this new client? I tried myself but i'm getting faultISR.
  4. I have TM4C129XL board and i prepared an Energia sketch and debugging it on Code Composer Studio. I'm using ethernet server and a client is making requests in approximately every 2 seconds. After server sends response to client i'm calling client.stop() method. This is working fine but after apprx. 3 or 4 days ethernet server just stops accepting new clients. When i debug the code i saw that in EthernetServer.cpp => do_accept() function for (i = 0; i < MAX_CLIENTS; i++) { if (server->clients[i].port == 0) break; } if (i >= MAX_CLIENTS) { return ERR_MEM; } It
  5. Part Number: EK-TM4C129EXL Tool/software: Code Composer Studio I have an Energia sketch which used Energia's EEPROM library. Sketch works perfectly on Energia IDE but because of i need to debug my project, i want to use Code Composer Studio. If i include this sketch to Code Composer Studio i can't use EEPROM library. If i remove everything about EEPROM i can build & debug my sketch on Code Composer Studio. This is the error i get : ? 1 2
  6. When i reset with "SysCtlReset" command, ethernetserver does not accept new clients. What can be the reason?
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