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    Hello @Turan2018
    I am not a gamer but if you are using Energia then code written for other Energia compliant devices using the same BoosterPack will likely work for the FR6989.  Code written for Arduino can be used as a starting place but any hardware dependent portions - such as that written for the display or Atmel specific code - will need to be ported.  
    I would do a search for your Boosterpack first and understand how it works first - especially the display  
    If you are using CCS then there is considerable training available, e.g. http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Getting_Started_with_the_MSP430_LaunchPad_Workshop
    It will not have games but will  start you out on a real understanding of microcontrollers using Driverlib.  
    I thought this Udemy course for FR6989 which uses CCS and direct register access was good although it does not cover the BoosterPack: https://www.udemy.com/mcu_msp430/
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