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  1. Rei Vilo you are the best! Everything works fine in E17. Now I can finally move on with my project. Thanks for all the help!!
  2. So I tried again the scanner and put my oscilliscope on the I²C lines. I found out that there is something happening but not the way it supposed to be. As you can see in the screen caps (yellow is SCL en blue is SDA) mode 0 is working fine. But when I switch to mode 1 / default. only some low to high transmission is measured on the SDA pin. It looks like the clock pin is trying something but it is forced high. Even when it remove the pull-up resistors and the BME280 nothing happens. I have tried every possible way: removing the pull-up resistors and leave the BME28
  3. Thanks Rei Vilo for the anwser! I have it working on the hardware pins 14 (SCL) 15 (SDA). But when I try to switch it to pin 9 (SCL) and 10 (SDA) the I2C lines are dead. I'm using 4.7K pull up resistors and a vcc of 3.3V, I don't know what I am doing wrong. For the hardware pins I used : Wire.setModule(1); Wire.begin(); And for the software pins I use: Wire.setModule(0); Wire.begin(); I also tried to remove the Wire.setModule and set it to -1 but still
  4. Hello, I'm using energia 1.6.10E18 with the launchpad MSP430G2 and the MSPG2553 installed. So I saw that in another forum the library from cactus.io was used for the BME280. That library was for the I2C. Now I want to use the SPI library and they had one.(http://cactus.io/hookups/sensors/barometric/bme280/hookup-arduino-to-bme280-barometric-pressure-sensor-spi). So I installed the library changed it to hardware SPI with the cs pin on P2_1. And it compiled, but i'm only getting these results: 813.81 mb 100.00 % 0.00 *C 32.00 *F 813.81 mb 100.00 % 0.00 *C
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