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  1. in order to use this library call power function first and then init function. In usci _spi class there is a function call spi_send, before return line you might need to give delay(100). without delay you can use simple print statement as well. I had to used it otherwise it was not transmitting data
  2. Hi, Yes I will share my updated library today. I converted it from mbed cc1101 library. If anyone requires any help please feel free to ask.
  3. I solved this problem. the problem was in the connection. I connected MOSI of cc1101 to MISO of msp430 launchpad and MISO of cc1101 to MOSI of msp430 launchpad. It was the connection problem rather than coding issue.
  4. Hi All, I am trying to create a transmitting and receiving node. My setup is as follows My transmitting node #1 is mbed-K64F with cc1101.(working fine sending data) My transmitting node #2 is msp430g2553 with cc1101.(giving me challenges) My receiving node is mbed-lpc1768 with cc1101 (working fine and received data from node #1) my connection for msp430 are as follows: csn is at pin 8 sck is at pin 7 mosi is at pin14 miso is at pin 15 I just declare csn as output, the rest of the pins i assume gets configured when we call spi.begin()?
  5. Hi All, I am new to msp430 world, so far i have done many projects with mbed (LPC1768,KL25Z and K64F). I liked mbed as it is so easy to use, however to make cost efficent and low power products i am now trying to learn msp430. I want to interface msp430g2553 with cc1101 transceivers. I have done the basic communication using mbed(like sending and receiving data). However I need some help with msp430. I want to use msp430 as transmitter first and receive data on mbed-lpc1768. I have converted the mbed library to msp430(changed syntax where required) and managed to compile it wit
  6. Hi, I just created account, i have been using mbed microcontrollers from last 4 years. now i want to start work with msp430 platform. i started with code composer, however i believe that it would be quicket to start with energia and then if i need more control then i should use CCS. have a great day xx Zain
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