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  1. Yes it works well in Energia. I'm in the process of asking the folks at Visual Micro, thanks for your input. it may be as you say, in which case the folks at visual micro may better understand how to fix the issue.
  2. Hi, I have a project that I can run when using the Energia IDE, and it runs well. However i was trying to us the Visual Studio IDE so that i could keep the project beside a PC app which interfaces to it via UART. My problem is the compilation error "the system cannot find the file specified". Im using Energia 1.6 through VMicro with the RED Lauchpad w/ msp432 EMT (48MHz) MSP- EXP432P401R REV 2.1 VISUAL STUDIO 2017 WINDOWS 10 vMicro Energia 1.6 I have the correct com port selected, and it compiles until this point :- " Using library Wire
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