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  1. Thanks Chicken, the Python script worked. I have added this line: sudo python /home/pi/ais-forwarder.py to rc.local using the command: sudo nano /etc/rc.local Just above the Exit 0 line in rc.local Now it starts on reboot.
  2. I've been using a dAISy HAT Receiver for Raspberry Pi to send data to ais.boatnerd.com and it works well through Kplex but I can't get it to auto start. Is there a better way to do this than what I'm doing below? I created a file called aisstart.sh in /home/pi Inside the file it says sudo service kplex start sudo kplex file:direction=out Then chmod -755 /home/pi/aisstart.sh And added it to rc.local with and without bash I can manually run aisstart.sh from the command line using: sudo bash aisstart.sh and it works. Here is rc.local, I've tried with and with
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