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  1. Hi, I'm trying out some UART communication proyects on an MSP430F5529. My question is, what number should I put instead of the x in UCAxCTL0? And where could I find this information next time (already tried the User Guide)? Thanks.
  2. Updates. 1.- I got another board, an MSP430F5529. Energia works perfectly with it. No crashes, freezes or slowdowns. 2.- I downloaded Code Composer Studio 8 and tested its energia interface/compiler with the MSP430G2553. I was able to upload programs to it without any trouble, slowness, or freezes. So it seems the problems are only happening when using the G2553 with the standalone energia IDE. Apparently it's not an energia only issue, as it works great with the other board, and neither is it a problem with the board specifically since I can upload to it with CCS. I hope
  3. I don't use an Anti-virus. I even disabled Windows Defender because it kept scanning whenever it got the chance, slowing my computer in the process. If I ever think something might be in my machine, I use Malwarebytes; but I have no constantly active virus-scanner.
  4. I tried it with a different version of energia, both 15 and 16; they still exhibit the same problems. As a side note, I borrowed a PC from my College's library, this one with Windows 8, and everything works perfectly! This is a bit weird since I had also tested it on a friend's PC, with Windows 8.1, and it had the same problems as with my own PC, so I'm really at a loss regarding what might be the problem. I'd really like to be able to run it on my own PC, rather than on the library's, since I would have to keep turning it in and taking it out every week.
  5. Yes, I’ve followed the complete instructions. Even the part about disabling the signed driver feature.
  6. Hi, I have an MSP430G2553 board that I need to work with. However, when using Energia, the program usually freezes or becomes extremely slow to the point that I just have to terminate the process and close it. I really doubt it's a code problem, since the only codes I've used have been from the Examples (Blink and AnalogReadSerial). I've tried a couple of things: uninstalling and re-installing drivers, following all the steps in the Windows guide for Energia, re-downloading Energia. But nothing works. The problem is most certainly a communication problem with the board since, upon un
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