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    amanmore reacted to thunderbirds in Energia compile problem : '{build.project_path}' doesn't exist or isn't a directory   
    Hi Ananmore,
    I probably can't help much because I do not understand the backend requirements of embedXcode.
    But I'm guessing it's assuming a specific environment, so here is what I have set up:
    1/ macOS 10.13.1
    2/ Xcode 9.2
    3/ Arduino 1.8.5 - installed in /Applications
    4/ Energia 1.6.10E18 installed in /Applications
    5/ Cut / paste example sketch from Energia.
    6/ Select Build target, run.
    7/ Select Upload target, run - watch your LEDs start blinking.
    Hope you have some luck, the embedXcode environment is very impressive.
    I was getting ready to code at the Code Composer Studio level but the Energia/Arduino Sketch framework makes development so much easier.
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