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  1. I'm using the SCL(1) & SDA(1), which are the default. I tested it out with a 16x2 LCD which has a I2C to parallel converter. This is what it looks like when connected to the I2C converter; the SCK line goes low, but SDA remains high. If I leave SDA floating, I get this: Notice that the SDA line remains low, but actually goes high during data transmission for some reason: how is this happening, since I2C is supposed to be open drain?!?
  2. @Rei Vilo. Typo. I'm using the MSP430FR5969 The HDC2010 is a 3.3V IC, so no level converters are needed. The one time it worked, it was connected to the mainboard, which has 1.8k pullups. Now that it is disconnected, what value do you recommend?
  3. I'm trying to connect the HDC2010 temperature sensor to the MSP430FR5969 Launchpad. I'm using the HDC2010 EVM, which consists of a MSP430F5528 (which handles USB communications to the GUI tool) and a HDC2010 (connected over I2C). The portion with the HDC2010 can be broken off from the main board in order to use it with another MCU. I'm attempting to connect it to a MSP430FR5969 Launchpad which has the SHARP Memory LCD (uses SPI) connected to it. I couldn't find a ready made library for the HDC2010 & MSP430, so I copied over some code from the Arduino library. To check whethe
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