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  1. it is showing errors in .h. i have attached that .h file. TinyGsmClientSIM800.h
  2. I am looking for a library for sim800 and i am using energia compiler. I am working on certain project on which i suppose to interface sim800c with msp430G2553. i am doing basic coding of tcp/ip and http as well in that interfacing part. please suggest if there is any library available.
  3. I am working on a certain project in which i would like to know that is msp430F2617 is compatible with Energia compiler or should i use ccs?
  4. I am working on power factor and energy monitoring. I would like to know if there is any library available in energy monitoring for energia using MSP430. If exist please send.
  5. I would like to have internal rtc code for specifically tm4c123gxl using Energia. Please help me and give me that code
  6. How to program rtc tm4c123gxl in energia? Please provide energia code for rtc in tm4c123. As i am using energia compiler for my project i want some help to program rtc with controller
  7. Basically my RTC is DS1307. Do we have any energia based library for that? Launchpad is as i mentioned it is tm4c123g. So i would like to have i2c based rtc library as i am interfacing DS1307 rtc.
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