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  1. I was told to submit my issues on this forum. The Multitasking Timer library examples provided do not compile on version 17 or 18 of Energia. I simple want a 1 ms or 10 ms timer timer for some work. The examples would be fine but do not compile. Does anyone have an answer? Apparently the Header files have some error. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Thank you for the response!
  3. I have been trying to generate a simple ms timer. Non of the examples compile that come with 17 or 18. the Timer.h and Timer.cpp files fail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. The board I'm using is a Launchpad EK-TM4c1294XL - The library is associated with the Multitasking Timer Library examples. They do not compile. The files I believe are Timer.h and Timer.cpp. I believe you wrote the original files because it has your name in the comments. Energia 17 0r 18 do not compile these examples. Thank you
  5. BobL

    16 bit Energia SPI transfer

    Hello Gang, I have a lot of my code running under Energia. I finally got the SPI ports to work!! However now I need to transfer a 16 bit word using SPI with out the CS transitioning every byte. If Any body has a code snippit to show how to do that with out using Shift commands, I would appreciate the help. Thanks
  6. Hello , What started the thing off was the pin map or other docs on the web site do not address the RED_LED or GREEN_ LED real pins. Also the pin mode command requires a pin number or so I thought. I thought it was the pin number of the micro. To me after searching for a long time and finding pins_energia.h, it made perfect sense. There were no simple examples of blink showing that GREEN_ LED could be replaced with PN_1 or 81. I think you guys do a great job and Energia so far is a great quick way to get up and running. The site pages are busy but I'm running now -all is well. Thanks for the support!
  7. I'm using a Launch pad and the blink code from Energia. The Led works fine. Now I want to use the port PN 1 connected to the led value which is pin 108. Using 108 instead of RED_LED doesn't work in the code - no Led lighting. Where are the header files so I can get this information? Appreciate the help!
  8. Thank you all for replying! Pin-maps guide I find useless for a new learner. I did find pin_energia.h which is what should be used to find all the defines. The mystery is over... Thanks again.