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  1. 16 bit Energia SPI transfer

    Hello Gang, I have a lot of my code running under Energia. I finally got the SPI ports to work!! However now I need to transfer a 16 bit word using SPI with out the CS transitioning every byte. If Any body has a code snippit to show how to do that with out using Shift commands, I would appreciate the help. Thanks
  2. Hello , What started the thing off was the pin map or other docs on the web site do not address the RED_LED or GREEN_ LED real pins. Also the pin mode command requires a pin number or so I thought. I thought it was the pin number of the micro. To me after searching for a long time and finding pins_energia.h, it made perfect sense. There were no simple examples of blink showing that GREEN_ LED could be replaced with PN_1 or 81. I think you guys do a great job and Energia so far is a great quick way to get up and running. The site pages are busy but I'm running now -all is well. Thanks for the support!
  3. Thank you all for replying! Pin-maps guide I find useless for a new learner. I did find pin_energia.h which is what should be used to find all the defines. The mystery is over... Thanks again.
  4. I'm using a Launch pad and the blink code from Energia. The Led works fine. Now I want to use the port PN 1 connected to the led value which is pin 108. Using 108 instead of RED_LED doesn't work in the code - no Led lighting. Where are the header files so I can get this information? Appreciate the help!