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  1. cannot help you with your code. but happy to offer you an approach. as written, your code has poor reusability -> meaning you or others will have a hard time re-use the code in another project, with all those hard coded pins / ports. 1) read the datasheet thoroughly and understand what's needed to communicate with the device for your application and how the communications work. for example, do you need all CS/SCK/SDI/SDO or just CS/SCK/SDI? ... Form logic pins for those connections. 2) write a basic set of routines that communicate with the device. the datasheet says t
  2. Hi, new here. I worked professionally with lots of luminary and then ti chips. Still have trays of lm3s628, 801, and 811s. Got some of the earliest lm4f120 chips and launchpads. Loved their features. Not crazy about the adc however. My interests now are mainly in creating a generic framework for Arduino (the software). I had previously ported Arduino to a variety of chips, from stm8, pic24, and tm4c chips, including msp432. My recent work in progress is xduino, a generic framework for Arduino on a diverse group of chips. Nice to share my learning with you all.
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