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  1. OK, there is a version of OpenOCD in the CentOS 6 Epel repo! I've installed it. Question do I use this completely outside of Energia or can it be integrated into the Energia IDE?
  2. I am use Energia 1.6.10E18 to build a simple application to run on a TivaC Launchpad board on a CentOS 6 64bit Linux system. CentOS 6 uses older library versions, so I needed to download and install an older GCC compiler and I got that working. Now my problem is DSLite. The version shipped with the TivaC package (dslite- was built with newer libraries than are installed on CentOS 6, so DSLite crashes: /home/heller/.energia15/packages/energia/tools/dslite/ load -c /home/heller/.energia15/packages/energia/tools/dslite/ -f /tmp/builde044e2b1aa3269f9f8ac6ca0fed90cf0.tmp/DCCTiva.ino.elf /home/heller/.energia15/packages/energia/tools/dslite/ error while loading shared libraries: libpython2.7.so.1.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory An error occurred while uploading the sketch What I would like to do is either use an older version of DSLite (will that work?) or re-compile DSLite 7.2.0 on my CentOS 6 system (is that possible?). I cannot seem to find the source code for DSLite (is it even available?). What options are available to me? (And no, don't tell me to upgrade my system to some "bleeding edge" version of Linux -- I have too many things that would need rebuilding and/or reconfiguring that need to be working.) Things work up to not finding the serial port on a Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine. I am not sure that really helps, since I am not sure if I can get a physical USB device to show up in the Ubuntu VM. I don't have a TivaC board in hand at present.
  3. I am running an older version of Linux (CentOS 6, glibc 2.12) and the x86_64 gcc cross compilers used by energia were built on a Linux system with glibc 2.14. Where can I get a version built with an older version of glibc or alternitively, a source tree that I can build myself?
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