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  1. Hello! I m trying to run the code for the coin acceptor mechanism. its getting compiled properly on but on updation it is showing no output on serial monitor i.e serial monitor is completely blank. Since i m using Energia IDE for TM4C123gxl so i have tried the same code on Arduino IDE as well and over there it is giving the exact output as i want. and all the things are correctly selected ie the port, board and everything. What could be the problem? Code.txt
  2. but i have already written a code and just because there is no library of SoftwareSerial available on energia for 6989 series, my program ins't compiling and i wish to install that but i m not getting how ??
  3. This MSP430FR6989 is very new to me, and this is the first time i m handling Texas Components , so kindly ignore if my question is very basic. I am facing problem in installing the library SoftwareSerial for the same controller i m using. There are libraries preinstalled in the software some other series of Msp And i even need help in using dlp-7970abp-trf7970a nfc which is the rfid module which i wish to interface with msp430FR6989. But unfortunately their are no libraries for that in energia. Thanks and Regards
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