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  1. @Rickta59 Thank you for your kind answer. Now I'm not getting any warning related to memory on IDE. I'm getting error related to pin change interrupt. Now I'm looking for a solution how can I fix this issue.
  2. Hello, I would like to thank @Rei Vilo and @Rickta59 their valuable answers. @Rei Vilo now I'm studying the resources that you shared. Thank you again. @Rickta59 the reason I chose the launchpad g2 is it was on sale and I thought it is a goodway to switch and learn MSP430 series. You said memory maybe not sufficient on msp430g2553 for my project on the arduino my sketch uses 15196 bytes of program storage space and global variables use 503 bytes of dynamic memory. Hence, msp430g2553 has 512byte ram and 16k flash i'm thinking my project would fit on to it. But my
  3. Hello All, I'm an electronics engineering student and I know little about programming.I was using arduino and I want to use TI MCU's. So for that reason I'm recreating my arduino projects on energia (tried code composer studio but it is too complicated for me). Some of my projects worked well on energia and i didn't make any changes of my codes it was wonderful but my end term project didn't compiled because of the library that i'm using so I'm trying to port a library from arduino to energia. The library that i'm trying to port is based on the SoftwareSerial library (formerly NewSoftSer
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