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  1. Thanks jazz, The solution you pointed to at the 'e2e ' website fixed the issue so I can download demo programs to the board and run them So now I can move to the next stage of developing my applications. Cheers
  2. Hi, I'm getting the same issue when attempting to run the demo program Blink 'usbutil: unable to find a device matching 0451:f432 '. Looking at the 'Common error messages' no further forward. I am using following SW versions:- PC os - WinXP Energia 1.6.10E18 ES430-UART driver The board thats indicated on the ide is :MSP-EXP5430G2553lp' ? The board documentation only has - MSP-EXP5430G2553- so not sure what lp means on the Energia IDE. Port is :COM3
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