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  1. Sorry dubnet , I see you did say GUI in your message. But if you know something about the CCS example project on the CD please advise. Thanks -Don
  2. By demo software do you mean the GUI to control and change parameters or I see a CCS project under CDROOT\Firmware\CCS and I'd assume its using the libraries under CDROOT\Firmware\src, thats the only place with libraries. I haven't tried that, didn't' know how to make it work with a msp430f5529lp and I didn't see any documentation on it, for example what kind of test is it? Is it same as the Wirlesstest.ino in Energia or does it just flash led's when I push a button, does it output information I need to read on a serail port? Like the GUI I think that firmware is expecting the MSP-EXP430G2
  3. Energia Version energia-1.6.10E18 I beleive this is refered to as Energia V17 Anaren C110L Booster Pack - there is no revision on silkscreen MSP430F5529 Launc Pad Rev 1.6 Running Energia Sketch AIR430BoostUSAFCC -WirelessTest.ino Including test serial output dispaly at end of this write up Basic Problem: CC110l Signal Receive strenght is reported near minimum when boards are only 6 inches to 1 foot aparts. Range is only a few feet before test crash. RSSI reports -45 at about 6-8 inches and -60 at 12-14 inches. I'm running wirelesstest.ino using 2 configurations of MSP430F5529
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