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  1. Thank you all for your responses!!

    @ Terjeio,

    I am using C and the value I need to store in split registers so that when I connect a synthesizer I can feed the value to it for further actions. I am not sure if the value is stored in stack memory will I be able to retrieve it later as the compiler stores at random address?? Therefore i thought of storing it in registers of the MSP430 so that i can access the value for later purpose.

    As #Agaelema mentioned I used a pointer to receive the address of the 64bit variable and increment it to read all the address.


  2. Hello,

    I wrote a code for calculating VCO frequency and divider values for a PLL from the given output frequencies. For now I am printing the values in the console to debug my code and it is working properly. But now I want to move the values from stack to registers available in MSP430f5529. In the image below you can see that freq_VCO value is stored in stack memory location 0x04382. How do I move this value in one of the registers?

    Pleas help!


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