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    birla reacted to NurseBob in Msp430 software serial error   
    Use the hardware serial to communicate, not software serial.  As dubnet noted, post your code. 
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    birla reacted to dubnet in Msp430 software serial error   
    With the 5529 you don't want to use software serial. It isn't necessary as the 5529 has 2 hardware serial ports. if you are doing an include of the software serial library in your code you will want to remove it.
    Also, please only post once. You may also want to post your code with your request for help. It allows folks to better help you.
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    birla reacted to energia in Sd card interface with msp430   
    It happens to be that DIR is defined in a driverlib header file for the F5529 in msp430f5xx_6xxgeneric.h. The library was originally tested on the G2553 which did not have this define. 
    The work around is to edit the file pff.h in the libraries utility folder. Look for:
    #define _FATFS The just underneath that add:
    #ifdef DIR #undef DIR #endif There is one other file which unfortunately has a hardcoded path to SPI.h. Edit the file pfatfs.h and then change the include of SPI.h to #include <SPI.h> like the below:
    #if _SoftSPI < 1 #include <SPI.h> #endif With those changes it compiles for me but don't have the hardware right now to test it on the F5529.
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