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  1. Anyone interested in grouping PCB fab orders?

    Right. Not CA actually but for like north US customers it's a far better option. I am from Lewisberry, PA.
  2. How do you like this forum platform?

    No way. Maybe you have a different taste. For me, this forum is simple, responsive and easy to participate in discussions.
  3. Best information for those new to the MSP430?

    Great efforts by admin.
  4. Who does the forum post twice?

    Maybe by mistake, sometimes it occurs due to the internet issue. Admin will resolve the issue No need to worry mate
  5. Hi from Pennsylvania

    Hey I am from Lewisberry, PA. I work for an Electronic assembly company in the USA. I would like to participate in relevant forums for spreading and gaining knowledge.
  6. Hi From Florida

    Welcome to the forum mate. I stay just near to your location, Deerfield beach in NW Florida Stay connected and keep putting your opinion in forums thread
  7. make a circuit with H6PM sample

    According to me, XDS100 is a far better option than any other alternative. Correct me if I am wrong.