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  1. Petit FatFS SD Card Library works well enough to read and copy the files. Kudos I want to know a possible way to 'create and delete a file' in code run-time. I am expecting to use FIFO method to log data and send it sequentially later over a channel. So one solution i know is to create a temporary file, add the data from original file to temporary file except the one to be deleted and then delete the old file. Trying to create a file in run-time gives an error rc=3.
  2. I have a tm4c129 board. I have installed updates form the board manager for the TIVA C so now I can upload the default examples form Energia. 1. Problem arises when I try to add custom libraries. What is the correct method to add a library? 2. I can find only MSP430 folder at location E:\..\energia-1.6.10E18\hardware\energia , I suppose all boards installed should show up in the hardware library. 3. I have included the library which I am trying to compile Error: WARNING: Category '' in library SD is not valid. Setting to 'Uncategorized' Missing 'mainta
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