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  1. On page 51 of the data sheet for the F5529, it states "Wake-up signal from RST/NMI, P1, and P2" listed under the Low-power mode 4.5 section. That confirms it as an option for what I'm trying to implement, right?
  2. Hi, I was working on interfacing my MSP430 with a 4x4 keypad and I stumbled upon this application report. Then I looked into the specific low power modes of the F5529 and noticed that there was a LPM4.5. The application report uses LPM4 as it isn't the same device, and I was wondering if it was possible to use LPM4.5 as the device was waiting for keypad input as my goal is to minimize power usage.
  3. Yeah, F5529LP sounds like a really great upgrade. Thanks for the suggestion. Does it require any crystal soldering like the G2553 does?
  4. Oh that's interesting. I didn't know that the MSP430 could load C++. I'll try it out when I have the chance. Thanks
  5. I have a DS1054Z. I had no idea that it could decode I2C until now. I captured some data and it seems to me that the MSP430 code needs to follow a structure similar to the Arduino code in initiation as well as during the looping cycle. Adafruit has an example sketch as well as a library for communicating with the 7-segment display.
  6. Yeah, I've taken a couple of pictures of my oscilloscope captures and attached it to the thread. arduino_data_init is what I think is the initial data sequence needed to start up the 7-segment display, while arduino_data_loop is how the data appears after it's initialized. My arduino code is currently set to write either 0x1103 or 0x1101 continuously. msp430_data is just the communication I have set up so far with the 430. In the following order: msp430_data, arduino_data_init, arduino_data_loop
  7. Okay, I'll look into it. It probably isn't a pull-up resistor problem since I have a 1 kOhm resistor on the SCL and SDA wires.
  8. Hi, I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how to communicate with this Adafruit 7-segment display. I've looked through the Adafruit LED library, seen non-MSP microcontrollers working with the code, tried understanding the HT16K33 datasheet. I've even recorded the SCL and SDA signals from my Arduino connecting with the 7-segment. However, I'm still not sure how to get it to work with my MSP430G2553 or even how to get started. Though, I have looked into the MSP430 example code for i2c communications with the MSP430 as the master. Is it as simple as just converting the Adafruit LED l
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