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  1. I have a very basic requirement to send a HTTPS request to AWS. I am using the basic sample code from Energia for my MSP432. I have no issues establishing an unsecured HTTP request using .connect(), but AWS requires HTTPS. To that end, I am trying to use the .sslConnect() function provided in Energia to no avail - I am not able to establish a connect with the AWS server. Can anyone suggest what my issues are with the code below? Are there common issues I should look at to debug? Thank you! char server[] = "xxxxxxxx.execute-api.us-xxxx-2.amazonaws.com"; { Serial.println("\nStarting
  2. Sorry for the multiple posts - but I believe my last post was actually incorrect. Does the WebClient example send over HTTP by default? My endpoints requires HTTPS, and this is one of the only possibilities for this problem that I can imagine.
  3. Never mind, I've ruled this out as a possibility. Would still appreciate any one's insight as to what could cause Energia/the board to be the only source from which this endpoint gives a 301 response...
  4. Hello, I am trying to use my MSP432 to make a REST call to an endpoint I already have set up and configured. I know this endpoint works. However, when I try to use the the WiFiWebClient example in Energia, I receive an HTTP 301 redirect error. I suspect this could be due to the difference between HTTP/HTTPS. Is it possible to use make an HTTPS request using this Energia example? Thank you!
  5. Hello, I recently ported over an Energia sketch that had working WiFi functionality in order to help with remote logging for a project I'm working on. The WiFi works well, but now the CCS code that was handling the ADC interrupts and measuring data is no longer functioning. If possible, I would like to make minimal changes to the CCS code as it was working exactly as we desired. I feel like there must be a relatively simple fix that I'm missing but I can't seem to figure it out. Can someone please help figure out what's wrong the ADC interrupt in the following code? #include <st
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