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    Tauronts got a reaction from heraldm in Hello from Azerbaijan   
    Nice man, me too.
    Trying to get started with MSP here.
    Good luck from Brazil.
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    Tauronts reacted to Rickta59 in Promotion of MSP430FR2433 MCU LaunchPad™ kit   
    Sorry to confuse. When I see a new msp430 chip I grep the header file for '_HAS_' which tells me what features are in the chip. I guess it would make more sense to read the datasheet
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    Tauronts reacted to chicken in MSP430FR2433 LCD16x2   
    I don't have a MSP430FR2433, but a few items come to mind:
    1) Does the LCD display support 3.3V input? Most Arduinos are running at 5V, but the MSP430 family is 3.3V.
    2) Did you check if just wiggling a pin works? E.g. by turning on an LED or measuring with a multimeter? If that doesn't work, some additional GPIO configuration may be needed.
    3) If you have a logic analyzer or oscilloscope, check if the timing of the pin wiggles is as expected. Your code seems to assume, that the clock is running at 750KHz. I don't know if that's the speed at which the FR2433 starts up without any further configuration.
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    Tauronts reacted to azerimaker in Hello from Azerbaijan   
    Hello everyone,
    Yesterday I've got my new MSP430FR2433 Launchpad and I'm planning to launch myself into low-power MSP world with it. Wanted to check out what other enthusiasts and professionals are doing here. Would love to join the community and will definitely try to participate actively.
    Cheers from Baku, Azerbaijan. 
    Orkhan (azerimaker)
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    Tauronts reacted to Rei Vilo in LaunchPad MSP430FR2433 Pins Map   
    See related issue at 

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