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  1. Maybe for my next projects I could use this. But as soon as I already have the LCD here I would like to at least make it work. Anyways, I'll look for this OLED display the same way as I was looking for a Nokia display. Thank you for the advice.
  2. I think you can change the way the memory is distributed, at least that's what CCS gives as an advice. Thanks for clarifying Rickta.
  3. 1) There's one 5V pin to feed the display, the GPIOs must be operated as 5V also?? 2) This is a little bit outdated code, I got to flick some LEDs after I added a command that takes down the high impedance on the GPIOs, I`ll try to get it here as soon as I get to use the desktop. 3) I don`t have an oscilloscope or a data analyzer, I`ll try to use one on my school. Anyways I am going to read throught the MSP datasheet all the way to see if I can find this. Thanks for the reply man. I will try to keep this post up to date so others can use this info.
  4. Nice man, me too. Trying to get started with MSP here. Good luck from Brazil.
  5. Hello, I am new to to MSP environment and I would like to have some help with this project. If this is on the wrong place of the forum or something like this please tell me so I can change it. I tried to make things on my own but I got stuck for 2 weeks trying to get my LCD to work properly with my first MSP. I also have acess to a friend's MSP430G2553, but the links some of the links on the forum where broken on http://43oh.com/2010/11/lcd-special-two-ways-to-interface-a-msp430-to-an-lcd/. The conections are most probably right because I can write without problems t
  6. This code below is needed to work with the new MSP430FR2433? If so, where do I put it? Sorry for the inconvenience, I have just bought as my first MSP, before I had just tried some of the MSPG2553.
  7. E ai galera, outros Brasileiros comenta ai pra nós trocarmos informação sobre o ENERGIA ____________________________________________________________ Hello guys, comment here so we can exchange some info about ENERGIA
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