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  1. Bob, Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, I just found out that Energia does not support FR2311 Luanch pad yet, so I think I will still need to stick with CCS. Or, is there any other ways I can get around with it? Thanks.
  2. Hi Guys, I am a senior at an university. I am working on my senior design project which requires us to design our own PCB. I have decided to use MSP430FR2311 as our MCU and RC522(RFID) for our project. Does Energia support JTAG instead of microUSB? If we purchase MSP PROGRAMMER AND DEBUGGER, can we use Energia to program codes into the MCU? The main reason I want to use Energia because there are codes available to be used, so it would save me tons of time to design the codes for RFID RC522. Thank you so much!
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