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  1. Excuse me, but where is the zip file?
  2. How did you request a sample? At the giveaway place it just tells you to post a comment with your email...and they will accept 30 winners?
  3. Like the title says, how would you do that? Could you do it in under $2.50?
  4. The PCB came! But now I have to figure out how to make an enclosure for it. Cardstock? Any suggestions?
  5. pfactorial


    Is the left-handed pfribbits a reference to something?
  6. Really? How would it be harder to use? wires don't stick in or something?
  7. pfactorial


    Eh. The Fry's I went to wasn't that great. They had lots of computer and software and books, etc, but I couldn't find a good selection of components and when I asked for a thermistor, they showed me a thermometer/thermostat aisle.
  8. Oh, what?! I set it up and kept it running for a day, almost, before disconnecting it... I didn't know that you could blow a pin by connecting LEDs like that. I'm using those normal 3mm red LEDs on the pins...
  9. seems to be cheap and shoddy :? Eh. I doubt it will make a difference
  10. Never mind. I'll program the MSP430 fluently before moving on to other microcontrollers
  11. So where can we buy female/female headers to add onto the male headers?
  12. There's 2x full size breadboards for 4.59 shipped. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2X-700-PTS-Points-Solderless-PCB-Bread-Board-Breadboard-/220817712924?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3369c2e71c
  13. Nope, no code size shown...
  14. Be sure to take the RST jumper off and stop debugging.
  15. #include "msp430g2211.h" char interruptcounter = 0; void main (void) { WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD + WDTNMI + WDTNMIES; IE1 = NMIIE; P1DIR = BIT6; P1OUT = 0; __bis_SR_register(GIE); for(; {interruptcounter = 0; IE1 = NMIIE;} } #pragma vector = NMI_VECTOR __interrupt void nmistuff (void) { if (interruptcounter == 0){ P1OUT ^= BIT6; interruptcounter = 1; IFG1 = ~NMIIFG;} __bis_SR_register_on_exit(GIE); } Debouncing is bad
  16. The reset one definitely works. just set it as a NMI pin, and use it for interrupts. I learned about it yesterday But you have to take the reset jumpers off.
  17. Where does it say the size of your code in IAR? It tells you how much it is if it is over the chip limit, but how would you know otherwise?
  18. Hey, I was just wondering about the different ways people get more IO pins Here's what I know so far: shift register multiplexing (with or without multiplexer chip) demultiplexer chip. charlieplexing (drives 90 LEDs with 10 pins) serial ic port expander Anything else?
  19. Wow. Thanks! That's a lot of output for eight pins. I never thought of that before
  20. Why wouldn't the button pins be floating if the button is not pressed?
  21. Here, catch me if I'm wrong. If BITX is high, then it will only power the second LED and go to ground. If BITX is low, then VCC will only power the first LED and go into the pin. But how would you light both of them at once? EDIT: Oh you don't. You just use POV. I see.
  22. Wait I'm not getting how this is designed...could someone explain?
  23. But why are there 6 hour LEDs? You only need 5 to get to 24 hourss...
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