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  1. D3rr

    1-wire pins

    I got today 4k7 resistor but there are some problems with using temp sensor, becouse i dont know a few things Is uP any CPU free port like P2.0 ? What is Vpu on that image ? How to connect resistor 4k7 ohm to data line ? I dont know and didnt find it online... do i have to use to do it any special cable or what ?
  2. D3rr

    1-wire pins

    Today i bought DALLAS DS18B20 to use 1-wire. I need to do any program for classes that uses 1-wire, so by reading forum i chose temperature sensor DALLAS 18B20. As far as I said I am using on my classes launchpad MSP-EXP430G2, so how to make it working ? If I got 3 pins on sensor like GND, VCC, DATA LINE so i can simply put them as gnd (from sensor) to gnd (on launchpad) vcc (from sensor) to vcc (on launchpad) data line (from sensor) to (free port) P2.0 (on launchpad) and run sample application, will it be working correctly ?
  3. D3rr

    1-wire pins

    before posting it i was reading a lot and i hope now i will get more usefull info... ;/ i didn't find anything about solding goldpins to create 1-wire or dunno what else possibilities are there... neither i found nothing about any extra parts to my launchpad to make 1-wire it's my first time with 1 wire and my launchpad dont support it, and u guys r giving me search results with posts with lots of code when i even dont know how to make my launchpad supporting 1-wire, great! :!!!: there are many examples with dallas 18b20 so lets take it as example from datasheet i found out t
  4. D3rr

    1-wire pins

    how is it possible ? well i was searching for it but all is about code and didnt find nothing about "creating 1-wire" please some details. very thanks for replaying!
  5. hi friends. do MSP-EXP430G2 have 1-wire port ? if yes what pins ?
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