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    Hi, 43oh I live in Louisiana, USA, near Baton Rouge Quick background - Took an electronics class in 7th grade which was primarily working on projects in my Science Fair 130 in 1 kit. Went through basic electronics class at Keesler AFB in 1992. Didn't use much of it though, as we usually just swapped out bad cards. Component level repairs were done at the depot maintenance level. 1999 - Built the TRaCY robot from the Yahoo Robotics club. This robot used the Parallax BASIC Stamp MPU. This was actually the first time I soldered since the soldering lab in basic electronics class at Keesler AFB. 2011 - My 9 year old daughter told me she wanted to build a robot. Was about to order the LEGO Mindstorms when I saw the Arduino. Hadn't kept up and was amazed at the projects people were building now and how popular and easy amateur electronics had become. Ordered a couple of Arduinos, breadboards, misc. components, a soldering iron, and a book for her. (and me ) Not giving the stuff to her til Christmas, so I can't play until then either. In the interim, I stumbled on a mention of the TI Launchpad. Was impressed with the capabilities and especially the price. Went to the TI website and ordered 3 of them. Looking forward to showing off my first project here once I build it. I'll start off with a few simple projects to get my feet wet, but ultimately I want to build an electronic poker table. I'm planning on using MSP-430's for each of the player's units because of the cost, but we'll see as things develop. Very glad to see the MSP-430 has some kind of community, because I know I'm going to come to you guys for a LOT of help, especially at first.
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