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  1. Hello,

    Hope to get some help from here.

    I have built an application which is based on the PubSubClient and Ethernet library.Tm4c129 is expected to publish some data and subscribe to some topic through MQTT. It works perfectly well when there is only one TM4C129 is connected to the LAN. If I try to connect/dump code on another TM4C129 on the other LAN the earlier connection would disconnect or the later one. I am not clear about why this happening? Did anyone come across this kind of issue?


  2. Hi Suyog,

    Did you find a solution to setting parity bit in Energia. I also want to communicate via a Modbus  to an energymeter. I have came across a "parity bit setting patch" but that is for MSP430 and I 'm using CC3200 which quite different than MSP430. Please anybody from Energia guide about how to set a parity bit... !!!!




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