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  1. I am an absolute novice to all this but I have received a new firmware which I want to program into my electronic test instrument. I was told that this could be done by using a suitable software like FETPRO430 or UNIFLASH I bought the MSP-FET430UIF jtag interface and it has 4 connections GND, RST, VCC and TST , on the jtag layout on the circuit diagram for my device it has an 8 pin connector with 7 designated it has VCC and GND so they are self explanatory but it also has TDI, TDO, TNS, TCK and ANA_RST I would like to know how I interface the RST and TST on the jtag interface to the connections on the circuit board of my test instrument, i.e.which of the pins on the instrument do RST and TST connect too. The micro on the instrument is a MSP430F149 Thank you in advance for your help
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