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  1. Hi all, During the last days, I started developing my Energia board support package for CC2650 SensorTag. I have published the source code on my cc26xx-core GitHub repo. It is based on cc13xx-core and for now it supports only the CC2650 SensorTag (but it could be modified to support the CC2650 Launchpad too). I have made some tests and I noticed that the pin configuration works but I have some issues with the Serial communication: I used my SensorTag connected to the Debugger DevPack with the latest version of Energia IDE, but when I start serial communication at 115200 bps sometimes the board sends data twice to the Serial Monitor (text strings sent in the setup() function), moreover reading data sent through the serial monitor doesn't work very well, in fact despite I sent data through the Serial Monitor the Serial.available() method returns 0 i.e no bytes available). UART configuration for CC2650 SensorTag is the same of the CC1350 SensorTag that you can find in cc13xx-core. The version of my Debugger DevPack is 1.3.0 and I have flashed it with the latest firmware through CCStudio v7. @energiaCould you check the CC2650 configuration in my GitHub repo ? If you have a CC2650 SensorTag, could you test the serial communication (code is the same of CC1350STK) ? I used the following sketch: #define SERIAL_BAUDRATE 115200 void setup() { Serial.begin(SERIAL_BAUDRATE); while(!Serial) ; Serial.print("Serial port initializated with baudrate "); Serial.println(SERIAL_BAUDRATE); } void loop() { if(Serial.available() > 0) { char data = Serial.read(); Serial.print(data); } } For all that want to test the cc26xx-core bsp, you can download the cc26xx-4.9.0.tar.bz2 tarball on my GitHub repo cc26xx-core v4.9.0 and extract in the hardware folder of Energia sketch folder (usually ~/Energia for a Linux system). Best regards.
  2. Hi all, I'm very happy to join this forum and start making great projects with my CC2650 SensorTag. I also want to say thanks to all the Energia developers for their work because I think that Energia as Arduino is a great IDE to start programming TI development boards. Have a nice day!
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