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  1. Hi all, During the last days, I started developing my Energia board support package for CC2650 SensorTag. I have published the source code on my cc26xx-core GitHub repo. It is based on cc13xx-core and for now it supports only the CC2650 SensorTag (but it could be modified to support the CC2650 Launchpad too). I have made some tests and I noticed that the pin configuration works but I have some issues with the Serial communication: I used my SensorTag connected to the Debugger DevPack with the latest version of Energia IDE, but when I start serial communication at 115200 bps some
  2. Hi all, I'm very happy to join this forum and start making great projects with my CC2650 SensorTag. I also want to say thanks to all the Energia developers for their work because I think that Energia as Arduino is a great IDE to start programming TI development boards. Have a nice day!
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