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  1. Pretty good time to start reading [tipdf]SLAU144[/tipdf]. Thanks, That is a lot of reading but I now know what DCO is.
  2. Thanks Matt; That is helpfull. What Is DCO?
  3. No that would be .05 second increments and over 50 units. I need to come up with a spec time to get the money man (owner of the company) to buy into this idea.
  4. Thay still have 18 in stock at the Limited Offer price of $8.31. Has anyone tried theirs yet? the problume with the on board ant may be that it didn't pass regulatory tests, and this may also be why thay are selling them off. Andy
  5. I want to make some precision timers. like digital timing relays. The 1st one will get a trigger and after a short time send 12 VDC power down the line for the next and so on. The timing will be from .05 seconds to 1 or 2 seconds. Each timer will have two outputs one momentary to fire an E-match and the other output latching to send power to the next timer. I would like to do up to 50 timers in one chain but I need them all to be fairly accurate. Andy
  6. I looked quick but did not see a power up time spec. What parameter would it be listed as?
  7. I want to power them up one after the other in a chain all runing off two wires a battery.
  8. 4pyros

    Pee-Light project

    That should have been once a night.
  9. I want to make some precision timers using the LaunchPad. Is there a way to find out how long it takes the LaunchPad with a MSP430G2211 to power up from a cold start? Thanks Andy
  10. I am trying to get into micros late in my life but am looking forward to learning. Andy
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