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  1. Strangely though.... i dont even know why i did this.. but i renamed libusb.h to usb.h and tried to compile... but then the "make" failed for 0.22, but i dont know how but the build succeded for mspdebug 0.21... and guess what its working!!!! i have flashed Blinking LED code and its working
  2. well this did not work... "libusb" provides only "libusb.h" not usb.h, i even tried "libhid-dev" based on some inputs from other forums but still no progress.
  3. i tried building it but the compilation stops at an error.. both for the atest version and the earlier vesion //------------------------------------------------------------------- In file included from util/usbutil.c:22:0: util/usbutil.h:22:17: fatal error: usb.h: No such file or directorycc -DUSE_READLINE -O1 -Wall -Wno-char-subscripts -ggdb -I. -Isimio -Iformats -Itransport -Idrivers -Iutil -Iui -DLIB_DIR=\"/usr/local/lib/\" -o util/output.o -c util/output.c //-------------------------------------------------------------------- The file "usb.h" was missing in the package itself..
  4. Thanks for that info Rickta59 can you elaborate just a little bit more on that last part about uploading the ".out" file....
  5. i read somewhere that out of date firmware may be a problem... and i needed a windows PC to update the same with a utility provided by TI. i launched that utility on my freind's Pc and it showed that i had the latest firmware..
  6. hi guys, i am new here. i am a linux user, so i have my inhibitions of going back to windows just so that this kit could work as i beleive it is very much possible in windows too. so the thing is.. i used CCSv5.2 to make a blinking LED Project and used the 'debug' option to get the code into the device. my device is msp430 Launchpad. the error message is as folows. //------------------------------------------ Error initializing emulator: No USB FET was found //------------------------------------------ to look into things i disconnected the Launchpad f
  7. hello everyone i am completely new to the MSP430 Architecture and as advised i have got some literature on the same including the book "MSP430 Microcontroller Basics" i got the Launchpad and have made my first program of Blinking LED, which obvioulsy like the first time of everything didnt work out whats wrong with the Program?, nothing happens on the Board, No LED's Glow note: i have been seriously criticized for missing the Forest for the trees and im not so good at writing one line codes...my coding may seem silly most of the times #include "msp430g2553.h" void delay()
  8. what is the difference between a 555timer and a 556 timer? was there a 556 timer at all... coz i heard about the 555timer but never about the 556 timer....
  9. is there a way i can interface a 4X4 keypad with a parallel in serial out register? i mean is there any IC with this feature... the 4X4 keypad i have has a 8pin interface and im really short on pins to dedicate 8 (all of them) to the keypad...it would be great if i could just use 2-3 pins to interface the keypad with SPI :ugeek:
  10. is there any IC tht can convert SPI to parallel, would a serial in parallel out shift register do? :?:
  11. hi bluehash and everybody there... this is arun from India... final year engineering undergrad student in electronics and communication... was awed by microocntrollers in my second year and after working on 8051 wanted to move on to some better stuff thats when MSP430 happened and 43oh was obvious... im new here and a noob too.. however ive got good programming skills, TI micrcontrollers are alien to me... :ugeek: what brought me to this forum? i was seriously impressed by the new MSP430 and the cheap launchpad development kit along with the plethora of info being generated and
  12. and i would like to add that this isnt a school project.... its a college majors... the hardware doesn't quite looks like the college project level, but its the code inside that will make this successful , its called prioritized power distribution system ! past this problem i have to work on ADC for data acquisition and im relying on the inbuit ADC of msp430.. can anyone suggest me this should i use a current transformer or a hall effect current sensor IC to measure current flowing over an AC line 220V, 50Hz
  13. thanks zeke, sipleavr and robG for your guidance....i know that the components are too much for a 20 pin MSP, while goggling i came upon a idea to use serial in parallel out registers.... would it ease my job? 'll have to learn I2c and i require atleast a day to be able to be acquainted with the method as there will be more components than i have decided till now? and one more thing... Ive purchased the Displays(20X4) and they require either a 4bit or 8bit parallel line...so i thought that serial in parallel out register with an output latch control would be gud... what do you say?
  14. sorry for the crappy diagram...im really in a hurry...ive never really worked on I2C but im a quick learner..if someone can suggest how i can convert 8 bit parallel lines to I2C it would be really gratefull.. and please while suggesting a IC do suggest a good tutorial on the same with c or c++ coding...im allergic to assembly codes
  15. hello everyone...im new to MSP430 and have chosen MSP430 MCU as the choice of microcontroller for my major project... Ive worked on 8051 with Keil, and im good at C++.. so MSP430 seemed OK for me with all the available resources at 43oh.com.. but now the problem MSP430g2553 is out of stock and the IC with shipped with my launchpad has only a single port... Ive already worked out the circuit..but now there aren't any option available for 2port MCU in the MSP430 line..(PDIP please)... im running out of pins for the control lines, as im working on parallel lines (8 channels) to transfer da
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