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  1. The Mississippi River finally dropped to near normal levels so I got a chance to try this out 'on the water' fed to my Lowrance Elite 7 Ti through a RS-422 converter and then the AIS, GPS, as well as depth and water temp data are sent out the Elite TI via the built in WiFi (NMEA 0183 over Ethernet) to my Windows tablet running OpenCPN and other mapping software. I was getting approx. 7 miles range upstream and 7 miles range downstream which is on par, maybe slightly better than voice communications with a Marine Band radio when it was hooked up to the same antenna. Since it's mounted on the
  2. Initial test results dAISy Hat with an FT232 RS232 convert - Half wave vertical dipole at approx 30 ft fed with 80 ft 75 ohm RG-6 quad shield with balun at feed point (The mismatch is largely irrelevant in modern active front end **receivers**, transmitters are a different ballgame altogether) Noise, no Antenna = -126 dbm Noise with antenna = -123 dbm Results from 800+ messages: Minimum received signals = -117 dbm Maximum received signal = --67 dbm Average received signal = -91 dbm NOTES: (1) The more than acceptable 3db increase in noise fr
  3. Sorry about being a little slow to acknowledge, we got hit by one of those Global Warming enhanced extreme rain events Friday into Saturday morning and my basement took on a little water but luckily no real damage other than wet indoor/outdoor carpeting I have in my workshop and computer room. Just to add insult to injury we are going back above flood stage for the second time this summer so I won't be getting out on the river for a couple of weeks at least anyway and there is not a lot of AIS traffic at the 500 acre new lake I'm depth mapping. However I do need to get this going as I'm having
  4. Proud new owner of a dAISy hat here. When I first saw the little USB unit a little over a year ago I thought is was just another reworked DVB tuner and baseband video ADC setup with a micro built in to control it. Obviously it's not that on further examination and when I saw the true 2 channel Raspi hat I just had to have one so I ordered one late Friday night and was pleasantly surprised that it had already arrived on Monday with my mail. Extra bonus points for customer service, I didn't even expect the order to be processed until Monday much less already be in my mailbox. The shipping was mo
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