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  1. Dear all I have bought a new msp430fr2355 launch pad. I was doing my setup coding test on that board using energia as a fast tool. I tried to blink the built in LED and works well.when i tried to use serial to print a string on terminal, nothing appear and sometimes freeze up the LED blinking. too, i tested the pins connection in the PCB (msp launch pad) and everything was fine. so what the problem with serial interface?!.Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, I am connecting the MSP430F5529 with DAC128S085 , I want to start coding this DAC using Energia to generate different waveform shapes, I just would like to know how to start, how to control the pins of this DAC through Energia? Thank you, Sali
  3. I have the chip number MSP430FR6989 and I want to use it to read 10 analog DC signals then do some processing (multiply them by certain factors) after that I want to convert them back to analog using PWM and RC filter, my issue is in the second part , how to use timers( set period , duty cycles) of the MSP430 to produce PWMs from the analog inputs. This is the code: #include <msp430.h> #define ACLK 0x0100 // Timer ACLK source #define UP 0x0010 // Timer UP mode #define ENABLE_PINS 0xFFFE // Required to use inputs and outputs #define ENABLE_PINS 0xFFFE // Enables
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